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Use of cellphone

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Marco Niebla

September 8, 2018

The use of cellphone

In this essay I going to talk about the use of cellphone moreover the importance in the daily life. Today is common listen about persons are all day in cellphone and how bad is this but also, we use this cellphone to solve problems, this isn’t extremely herds problems but make more easily to solve this.

What is a cell phone? A cell phone Is a dispositive mobile can receive or make calls, this was the first function of cellphones but with the time we were adding efficiently more applications like calendar, calculator, clock, notes, messages and other more. Actually, cellphones are named smartphones because can do a lot of things in seconds, in the same way this have a lot of apps, this are about a social media, entertainment, browsers, and tools to work, this are widgets. In daily life the people use the cellphone for entertainment, for example you can been seeing videos, movies or series, or you can see what happened whit the life of others persons or see comic pictures like memes but you can use the cellphone for others things too, for example looking for information in google for your class or homework, but the most important for me is the capacity for call for help in a risky moments, you can call to police, firefighters or a ambulance, in the same way you can call for a friend or familiar in a problem for example if you car breaks down you will have a cellphone in the hand. This things makes the people so closer to the cellphone since is necessary in the day but this have other face, this face is nomophobia, nomophobia is the  irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the absence of a signal or running out of minutes or battery power, in others words is fear to cant use the mobile phone.

In my personal opinion I am a student of high school and I use the phone in a lot of moments in the day and make my day more easy but don’t thing this is a problem or bad habit, for example the last year I was without a phone and I had difficult but I can solve easily, in concluding, Mobil phone are good for your life and help you but they are not everything .    


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