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Exam Men And Society II

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I. Make a venn diagram about a person and an individual (10 points)

II. These are titles for a number of thesis in the University. Choose the social science most likely to be the degree, place A for anthropology and S for sociology (10 points, 1 point each)

1. _____ Guadalajara as a religious and cultural center

2. _____ The love of an Emo.

3. _____ Changes on the interaction of Indigenous peoples in Australia

4. _____ Social Democrat Parties in Europe: vision, mission and action

5. _____ Comparative research on the religious ceremonies of the Zulus and the Tootsies in Nigeria

6. _____ New Jobs on the Information Age

7. _____ Trends in spending of the New Rich in Shanghai

8. _____ The relation among the European Citizens with the entrance of the Czech Republic

9. _____ Sustainable development of the natives in Brazil

10. _____ South Korea’s actions on Sustainable Development

III. Fill the following chart with the similarities and differences of a HUMAN and an ANIMAL, place the letter in the correct space (10 points total)

A) Need each other to survive

B) Use of language

C) Don’t have spiritual life

D) Believe in life after death

E) Live in the same time, space and place

F) Are born, reproduce and die

G) Have reason

H) Not all of them are sociable

I) Communicate with words

J) Are parts of nature

Differences Similarities



IV. Choose the best answer from the box (7 points). The letters can be used more than once or none at all

A) Middle Ages D) Mercantilism G) Classical School

B) Marxism E) Neoclassical School H) Keynesianism

1. _______ The Church Condemned commerce

2. _______ If there is a crisis, businesses should invest more, if there is no money, then the government should create public services

3. _______ Adam Smith wrote the “Wealth of Nations”, he argued that governments should not interfere with economics

4. _______ Said that capitalism could not sustain itself, that eventually there was going to be a revolution

5. _______ For the first time, scholars focused on consumer preference.

6. _______ Jews and Lombardi owned the first banks

7. _______ The wealth of a country was based on the amount of gold and silver it had and if it was self sufficient.

V. Read the following article, underline the most important things (5 points) and answer the questions that follow. (2 points each)

Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber: Analysis Compare and Contrast Views on the Impact of Religion Upon Society

Social ideology is a very important factor in social stability and change because it influences how the collective group responds to different social, political and economic situations. Religion is one of the principle social ideologies that impacts social stability and change, it is both a motivating force for order as well as a destabilizing force for revolution, and has been used for both throughout history. Three sociologists and philosophers have principally discussed their views on religion and its impact on society, Marx, Durkheim and Weber. The following analysis will compare and contrast their views on the impact of religion upon society.

Karl Marx, one of the


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