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Analysis of the impact of macroeconomic and sectoral policies on Venezuela's food system over the past four years

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In the first part of the special issue , the present article Manager CIAAL , Daniel Anido , along with Giampaolo Orlandoni and Maria Liliana Quintero , analyze how they allocate the budget merideñas families , emphasizing the food consumption and use as general background information for Venezuela in five time points throughout the past thirty- eight years. Thus, is a contribution to the topic of food consumption of households in Venezuela from the perspective of application to the study .

Rafael Cartay , first editor and former Director of Agrifood CIAAL , studying the contributions of different immigrant groups Venezuelan diet during the twentieth century. His research is in the area of the history of food (culinary) and culinary influences .

Venezuelan food system also inserted into an international dimension , in which he is affected by major agricultural trade negotiations that are conducted at this time. This is the dimension that is explored in the article by Rita Giacalone , aiming to discuss the expectations on his potter and the problems posed by the complexity of the issue and its high political visibility.

Alejandro Gutierrez, first Director of CIAAL , your article focuses on the impact of macroeconomic and sectoral policies have had on the food system of Venezuela in the past four years. Your contribution is thus inscribed in line with other previous articles by the same author , who reviewed the impacts of different economic programs on production and food security.

The issue of food availability in the countries of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN ) group to which Venezuela belongs since 1973, is analyzed by Luisa Elena Molina in his article for this special issue. Their work contributes to a better understanding of the patterns of Venezuelan food consumption from the perspective of supply and as compared to other Andean countries


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