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Ecological Resserves

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El Cielo

The reserve is known for its spectacular cloud forest that serves as a rainwater catchment for the low tropical forest and commercial agricultural region to the east and southeast

It was then acknowledged that the area's biodiversity was among the highest in the world - it lies on the climate transitional zone between North and Central America.

El Cielo is a state park covering about 560 square miles of isolated mountains and valleys. It is located 230 miles south of Brownsville. From humid tropical forest to dry chaparral, rocky spires and sinkhole caves, El Cielo offers diverse habitat for animals and plants and provides rustic accommodations for Eco tourists.

In addition to a varied plant life, wildlife in the area includes the feared Mexican jaquar. Safety should be taken when venturing into the forest alone. El Cielo includes four distinct eco-systems: tropical jungle, mountain forest, pine-oak forest and dwarf oak and heath forest.

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Ecological Reserve “Cuatro Ciénegas”

Conservation in the Cuatro Ciénegas valley is still in its early stages. Scientists have played a critical role thus far in delineating the species and habitats of the valley and in establishing its federal protection. Now, it is time to turn to management experts to fashion a plan which sets up an infrastructure for the protected area. When it is completed, the management plan for the protected area will draw out a framework for administration, an infrastructure with which to manage tourism, a system of vigilance, programs for environmental education and community outreach with which to involve local residents and visitors in the natural history of the ecosystem, the monitoring of research, and annual evaluations within the protected area. When I asked Eglantine Canales, director of PROFAUNA, how she proposed writing the management plan. Her intention is to involve experts in a number of fields, including ranching, agriculture, desert resources, hydrology, and environmental education.

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Plants (Pinkava 1984)

Selino carpus undulatus

Ancistrocactus breihamatus

Coryphantha echinus

Coryphantha sp.

Abutilon pinkavae

Sedum parvum var. diminutum

Rosa woodsii var. maderensis

Mimosa unipinnata

Euphorbia pinkavana

Sabatia tuberculosa

Phacelia marshalljohnstonii

Tiquilia turneri

Poliomintha maderensis

Satureja maderensis

Penstemon hendricksonii

Justicia coahuilana

Dyssodia gypsophila

Erigeron cuatrocienegensis

Gaillarida gypsophila

Haploesthes robusta


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