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Daily diet

You will look out on your daily diet

1. - Work in pairs and ask each other what do you include in your daily diet?

2. - Use containers and quantifiers:

I eat some bananas

I eat any orange

I eat many muffins

I eat a little rice

I eat any shrimp

In this activity you will classify the countable and uncountable food

countable Uncountable

Apples Milk

Orange Salt

Bananas Sugar

Fish Cream

Cookies Oil

Cartoon of milk Flour

The healthy food market

In this activity you will write and perform a role-play about shopping food in a market with real food.

1. Work in groups of four. Look for a simple healthy recipe.

2. Get the ingredients for your recipe and bring them to school.

3. Write a list in your notebook with the ingredients your need for your recipe. Include the amount and price for each one. For example;

2 carrots: $1.00 (piece)

1 lettuce: $11.00

1 can of beans: $8.00

4. Check your textbook. Make a list in your notebook of the most common questions about prices, food availability, and quantities needed of each ingredient.

5. You will perform your role-play as if you were in the market. Use the lists you made of food prices and questions to buy or sell the ingredients foy your recipe.

Tuna mushroom


4 posts fresh tuna about 200 to 250 g each, 250 g of mushrooms, fresh parsley, 1 clove garlic, 1 onion, salt and pepper.


Grilling tuna BBs in a nonstick skillet sprayed with vegetable spray. When they are cooked on both sides remove from the pan and sauté in the same vessel previously filleted raw mushrooms with chopped garlic, onion and parsley. Add salt and pepper, add the tuna and heat all together again for a minute before serving.

4 post fresh tuna ($20 c/u)

A quarter mushrooms ($15)

Fresh parsley ($5)

1 clove garlic ($1)

1 onion ($3)

Salt ($2)

Pepper ($2)

In this activity you will work with a real case to discuss how to solve a health problem and the arguments for and against eating at fast food restaurants. you will share opinions to the class, listen and respect different opinions.

1. read the following general informa


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