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Los 10 lugares mas peligrosos del mudo

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10 most dangerous places in the world.

  • Juarez Valley, Mexico.

It is one of the most dangerous cities of the world. Streets are over drugs and blood. There are many graffitis from drugs cartels. A lot of people has been kidnap, torture, and murder. The police officers who were send to intervene have been execute.

  • Istanbul, Turkey: 

Where earthquakes are very common and devastating.

  • Lake Kivu:

There are toxic gases caused by volcanic activities.

  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 

Has been considerate as the most violent place in the planet. It is a strategic point for distribution of drugs and arms. San Pedro Sula is the murder capital. The city had seen 187 homicides per 100,000 residents.

  • Ilha Da Queimada Grande:

 Also known as Snake Island. It is where one of the most poisonous snakes of the planet lives, the golden lancehead viper. There are about 2,000 of them.

  • Mount Hua, China:

The mountain is considered the most dangerous climb in the world. Nobody knows how many people died while on this path, but there are rumors naming about a hundred per year.

Other dangerous places are:

  • Yungas Road, Bolivia.
  • Danakil Desert, Ethiopia.
  • Mayak, Russia.                                                                                                        












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