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El análisis de la novela de la Noche

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One of the major conflicts Elie Wiesel faced, in Night, was “selection”. When the Germans gathered the Jewish people and started moving them first to ghettos, then to concentration camps, they were examined and “selected”. When they were selected, the Jews were mentally tortured. Elie faced problems when he was about to get selected. The important conflicts Elie faced were, eviction, selection, and mental torturer.

Selection was a part of the intake process to the camps that Elie went through. The old, the very young, the ill, who were determined to be of no value as labor, and were sent for immediate extermination. The infirmed were of little or no value to the Nazi slave labor camps. Sometimes people were saved because a certain skill was in short supply, like cobblers, tailors, and machinists. It was an important part of the program to exploit fully anyone of use before they were killed.

Selection was made all the time, The SS officers divided them into two lines. This was mental torture for them, because one line could mean death, and the other line was sent to labor camp and given an opportunity to survive. When they got selected, the only thing they knew was that they might die or survive on either line until they reach their destination.

Elie Wiesel had always been exposed to selection, whether he would be sent to crematorium or labor camp. It was like a coin tossed into the air. He had one problem, he was too young and his dad was too old. As a result, they lied about their age and were selected to be on a line together. They faced this conflict of selection repeatedly.

Elie Wiesel went through a lot of conflicts, but I think that selection was one of the biggest ones, because he could been selected to go to the crematoria, and wouldn’t have any chances of survival or separated from his father, also it was important because we can see the mental torture of being selected to some place and not knowing what to do. The Nazi didn’t care weather you lived or died, just if they could us you. Elie was selected, had death near him, and he survived.

Santiago Bernaldo de Quiros

Mrs. Rapose


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