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Unquestionably since remote times the human has built his own way, has faced a infinities of things and with that we could evolve and change. Human have been submitted day after day in constant change, in the point that the male role have changed drastically and have changed us drastically, adapting itself to his environment, for better or for worse always been forced to change, for diverse situations, indeed nowadays in our society is reflected the influence that have the masculine sex in us, has changed everything in his path but over the years, the last 20 years have evolved in their thinking, acting and appearance, and renewed day by day our society, our environment, the world and living that compose it.

Certainly 20 years ago the world looked a completely different, in the course of these years to the present, one of the most significant events that changed the male role in society is the technology. Currently we are human able to get and do all tha we propose, we have done imaginable things and the majority times been the man the creator of this. Coincidentally or not, the man has been more skilful for the construction, technology, philosophy due to the opportunities that give them or were given, because as many we know the man had a historic better life than woman and the technology and their other great contributions have dramatically changed the world, we pass from be a primitive society to be a modern society dependent on this and absolutely dependent of they (males), for example Socrates, Platon, and others males big thinkers philosophers, architects scientists and all are men, they today are admired for their great contributions. The recent 20 years as I said before the technology, man has been the best example of our society, has made a society dependent of they and of his inventions, thoughts, creations, a large example of this is the phone, the internet and social networks. The cell phone and the internet, such as already existed for over 20 years but recently itself is available to the public and absolutely everyone depend on it


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