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The plot of the story "Enemy", written by Naypol

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In the story "the enemy", written by Naipaul, the end was portrait as a moral. It defines the truly relationship between a mother and a son. The love that they have for each other. This unconditional love.

To begin with, we must detailed the relationship between this boy, whose name we don't know, and his Mom. This boy used to enjoyed and loved his Dad, their relationship was magnificent and normal. He is got favoritism for his dad. But when this man died, the boy must lived with his Mom. This relation was very bad. The boy could not wait to be able to leave home and that woman, that was "his mother". This hate was for both sides. The mother used to hit her son. "When I went home I told my mother 'That essay I write today, I get ten out of twelve for it' My mother said, 'How you so bold-face to lie brave brave so in front of my face? You want me give you a slap to turn your face?" This quotes refers that the mother also, mostly of the times, did not believed her son and she threatened to hit him. This woman misunderstand anything that her son did and also, disapproved everything of him. "I was an only child, but for her I was one too many"

At the ending, the boy faint in the bus. The people tried to helped him. When he could realized what was happening, he saw his mother crying and shouting. This reflects the love that the mother had for his son. "Boy, you had your mother really worried" The boy discovered that the mother can cared about him. That moment was so memorable that he wished to be a God and replay the situation to see his mother's tears.

In conclusion, I think that this ending shows a changing in the characters, because in a emergency like this one, they remove from inside their real feelings that they have to each other. The mother was no really an enemy for the boy. This ending surprised the reader because it was not expected. This story were the narrator's memories. The moral is that it doesn't matter what happened, a mother would always be there for their son and have plenty love for them.


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