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The plot of a dramatic novel Error in our stars

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This story was published in 2012 by John Green who has become one of the most famous authors of the junior novel genre and crossover.

It’s a drama novel that tells the story of Hazel who is 16 years old, she has lung cancer and can’t breathe without an oxygen tank that she carries with her everywhere. The doctors diagnosed that she only has a short time to life.

She loves to read and watch reality shows but his mom didn’t like seeing them. Then taking her to support meetings with people who had the same disease, she was obligated to attend. However, in one of those meetings she meets Augustus Waters (Gus), a handsome boy of 17 years.

From the first moment they meet, begin to get along very well and form a special connection. They become friends, share your favorite readings and live many adventures together, as when Gus tries to find the author of Hazel's favorite book.

Then they decide to go to the Netherlands to look the author and so to realize the dream of Hazel to meet him.

Hazel and Gus gave me the opportunity to see a different way the life, love, family affection, the problems of everyday life, the fear of death.


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