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República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Ministerio del Poder Popular Para la Educación

U.E Colegio Pablo Romero Millán

English work


La Fuente, 23/03/2015

We can return the greenest school if we put a lot of things that do not harm the environment as an example

1. Recycling - First of all containers must be placed to separate the garbage, the school probably want to contribute funds that can be placed. After that it is important to locate a storage facility to pay you for the separate garbage, and you can even make compost with organic waste and sell it to the parents of the school for their gardens. With the funds you earn you can carry out activities and programs that benefit the school.

2. Renewable Energy - With the proceeds you can purchase solar panels, gradually, or wind turbines to generate electricity or even make your own solar heater for the school to have hot water at a low cost.

3.-Plants - You install a vegetable organic vegetables and fruits that the same school can use to prepare food and can also sell products to raise funds. It would also be good idea to plant a tree, which is part of the school and the students themselves take care of it and see it grow to raise awareness of plant care.

4. Save energy.- With the proceeds and donations from students themselves can change the bulbs from school for saving bulbs, which will save money to school, students will have better lighting and pollute less.


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