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English C1

Group: M4

Teacher: M.A.D.N.  María Elena Hernández Salinas

Team members:

*Elizabeth López Velázquez

*Mariana Calderón García Rojas

Hi everybody, my name is Karl Lagerfeld, I’m the CEO at CHANEL.

I would like to talk about our company and the projects we are working on.

Maybe in the future you will want to come work with us.

I will start off with some basic information about CHANEL, after I would like to tell you how we have grown with in the fashion industry and the secret to our success.

Next, I’ll tell you our mission statement, and it is our reason of been.

I saved the best for last, I will talk to you about marketing and advertisement, and it’s my personal favorite because that is how we communicate with costumers.

Chanel start´s in France last century, but now we are an international company.

We started off as a small hat business created by a brilliant young lady called Gabrielle Chanel aka Coco Chanel. Since them we are the most important fashion institution worldwide.

We now sell clothing and accessories to sophisticated people and even celebrities.

And we start to talk about Chanel, we are a premium French fashion label that is recognized in the international market as a brand that specializes in fashionable accessories, luxury goods and expensive ready to wear clothes.

59 fashion designers make new designs every season for us and around 3,000 people work in the Chanel stores, the offices and in the production area.

The secret of our success is in the quality of our products and exquisite designs, moreover our designs are very unique and beautiful, and people with knowledge of fashion have said that as Chanel is the biggest fashion house in the world.

Our mission statement is “To be the Ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever”.

The force of the marketing is very important for us, the driving force behind our products has always been exclusivity, and our advertisements reflects luxury and the sense of fashion. Some of our famouse brand ambassadors have been models and actors like Carole Bouquet, Marilyn Monroe, Lucia Hiriart, Keira Knightley, Anna Moughlalis, Vanessa Paradis and Nicole Kidman who have immortalized the brand name that symbolizes.

I hope that with this information wakes your interest and talent in fashion, and especially your interest in chanel, I hope that someday you can will be part of our workforce.

Thanks very much for listening to my presentation, are there any questions?


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