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Sketch For A Job

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Sketch for a Job

Entrevistador: Héctor

Desempleada: Kary

While Mexico is going through an economic crisis, Kary is unemployment with three children to maintain.

So she went out to look for a job, she is a business administrator, very kind and responsible, but she hasn’t found the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities.

Kary: hi good morning Mr. Hector

Hector: Good morning Miss, come inside please could you show me your curriculum?

Kary: yes of course, here it is.

Hector: thank you, now I’m going to ask you some questions.

How do you define your person?

Kary: well i consider my sell a very etic person, responsible and with an entrepreneurial mind-set capable of managing and controlling an enterprise and make it succeed.

Hector: ¿what do you aspire for?

Kary: first of all i want to be able to practice my profession in an efficient way, achieve and overcome my goals to become a better person..

Héctor: ¿which was your last job?

Kary: i worked as a sales manager in Coca Cola Company in Monterrey, for 3 years i offered them my services.

Héctor: why did you choose this Enterprise as an option to work in?

Kary: because i think is an Enterprise with a lot of prestige in our country, which provides a lot of Jobs opportunities to keep on contributing in Mexico’s economy every day.

Héctor: Thank you Miss it was a pleasure interviewing you, you have the job.


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