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What aspects should be considered to elaborate the strategy?

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Part 1

1. What aspects should be considered to elaborate the strategy?

The strategy should consider that effective teaching depends on the classroom environment and on the behavior management strategies of the teacher. Students respond to structured and preventative discipline, routines, and constructive peer relationships.

A main aspect is the institute has qualified teachers for each subject and restricted capacity of students per classroom and also the values are based on education program like team work, discipline, honesty, creative, interactive with technology and extracurricular activities.

The institute will have each year an open house for the families in order to parents know the school and participate with their Childs.

2. What could be an advantage of your new institute that you can offer based in a local market of Mexico and what particular actions should be made in order to be well positioned against the competition?

Extracurricular classes after school like music, sports and language, student will develop skills like team work, discipline and make relationships, so the student can be in the school 8 hours per day in the meanwhile the parent is working.

3. What should be the leadership style you will take and please provide your arguments of this decision?

The style should be Transactional Leadership, because is based on motivation and establish goals, clear roles and specific task and this is what a student need for accomplish education and learn how to work for achieve a specific goal with motivation.

Part 2

Please make a SWOT analysis in the company you work for, or in a company your parents or family is working for

Telecommunication Company SWOT:

Strength Opportunities

Experience Manufacture outside USA

Customs Design

World wide

High Quality

Weakness Threats

High Cost of poor Quality Distribution Cost

Lean Six Sigma Tools

The company that I work for is in the market of telecommunications they have a lots of strengths like work in customer design by client requested, is a company with presence worldwide and has more of 50 years of experience in the market and offer technical support and products with high quality with 25 years of guarantee so product that not accomplish quality is scrapped. The high cost of poor quality is a weakness of the company this could be for low quality of


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