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Our topic explains whether Fast Food is considered Junk Food. That is point out that Fast Food is considered synonymous with Junk Food. Due to the pace of life, it is rare that eating at home, let alone prepare food property at home. For this reason people are increasingly turning to Fast Food. We considered Fast Food or Junk Food with little nutritional value received: too much salt, fat, sugar, little fiber, protein and vitamins. This means foods that do not add nutrients to a balanced diet. Good health refers not only to have no disease, also is to prevent its occurrence and this is only achieved leading a healthy life.

The objective of theme is to show restraint in the consumption of Fast Food or Junk, and having more nutritious choices, whether your eat at home or in a restaurant, are key elements to develop a healthy lifestyle good eating habits.

The best way we achieve this is to have a balanced diet. It is important to know the properties of foods and which are essential for the organism. But we often wonder ¿ what is a healthy food? Is one that can maintain good health in providing energy and nutrients needed to stay healthy. As proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Food therefore should be comprehensive, adequate and balanced. [5]

On the other hand we can say that the food includes the selection, preparation and ingestion of food, which is a phenomenon linked to the social cultural and economic. In this context today the Fast Food or Junk, have become a must for many people out, urgency of time and labor, appear to be stronger than the desire to contribute through our health food. [2]

Given this it is essential to acknowledge that these foods have a lot of fat calories and especially salt, and most importantly that if consumed on a regular can lead to complications in the body such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, some statistical data show that a high percentage of children with obesity and overweight. But, ¿why do we like so much Junk Food? Some years ago a group of researchers found in junk food a substance called Monosodium Glutamate, which enhances the action of the taste buds, making it more intense flavors. [3] [4]

We can also point out that advertising has much to do, since they do promote these products, often highly sophisticated, Fast- Food companies use tactics such as placing toys, the continued promotion of special packages or jumbo sizes for a nominal sum, in order to enhance the taste of the customers and make them feel that their money is well spent. [6]

Although Fast Food or Junk has been classified as poor, due to its high content of fat and carbohydrates, people who use it prefer it for its speed and ease to get it. It is not recommend, but it the lifestyle does not leave many opportunities


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