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The importance of the platform developed by eBay

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EBay created a central distribution system efficient and requires very little supervision. He developed a platform that serves as an electronic forum intermediary network connecting many servers where the most work makes buyers and sellers. So managed to interface with all markets and opened operating room for several companies that create trade support services in the platform , including many companies are creating businesses ranging platform making it even more powerful and innovative.

The chances that a customer can not find what you are looking for on this platform are very low, as there are virtually any item, from any category , color , size and even brand. This creates a unique value proposition , supported by its core competitiveness of reliability and comfort that eBay has developed for the seller-buyer interaction, safer money transactions , short and not complex processes make the reputation that eBay increase with satisfied buyers , advance information flow from individual to individual , so there will be more buyers, it increased so the volume of products that vendors offer .

Two . Explain how eBay has decided to configure and coordinate its value chain .

The platform developed by eBay allows other companies use this platform and makes innovation does not depend directly on eBay (you can afford it ), also managed to cure the deficiencies in the seller buyer relationship acquiring payment system online faster, easier and safe (Paypal ) and Skype , a platform that allows interactive communication free or at very low cost. Besides developing software that allows almost perfect translation into all languages ​​in the markets it serves


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