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History of the development of cars

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How much do you know about cars?

Do you know how cars have evolved

from the time of the carriage until the

modern car? In this article we will

learn about five important events. To

start, before the seventeenth century

people used horses, oxes, donkeys,

and camels as means of

transportation. Then, by the end of

seventeenth century Joseph Cugnot

designed the first self-propelled car.

Then in

1789 Oliver


designed the

first steam

car, it was the first car that rolled in

the USA. Moreover, in this time

people did not use to travel by

carriages. Instead they used to use

the car.

In the eighteenth century, some

scientists began to develop internal

combustion engines. Later, in 1866

the Germans developed a gas

engine. However, in that moment the

automotive industry moved slowly

because there was a lot of

competition. However, in 1892 some

engineers designed cars with new


Early in the twentieth century cars in

France, England, Germany and U.S

were innovated to make them more

comfortable and elegant, as a result,

the automotive industry grew year by

year. Then, in the 1950´s brands of

cars began to appear, among them,

Renault, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan,

Mazda and Volkswagen.

Now, in the twenty first century,

technology has been an ally in

automotive industry. For example,

brakes ABS, airbag, antilock.

This evolution has contributed to

people’s lives because people can do

their daily activities easily.


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