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Act.4: Profundización Unidad 1 De Ingles 0 - UNAD

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Puntos: 1

Complete the questions with the right verb and auxiliary forms.

_______they ____________ a black car?

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. are, have

b. can, do

c. Does, has

d. Do, have


Puntos: 1

Mathew Thomas is English. He is 15 and his brother Paul is 13, but they don´t go to school. They are in the Chilean city of Arica since many years ago because their parents are scientists there. They study at home. Paul loves sports, his favorite hobby is fishing, he likes to play soccer and he enjoys looking down at the coast. His best friend is Peter and they love flying.

Taken from “Student´s Book” English in Mind (Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks).

Seleccione la opción correcta de acuerdo con el texto anterior.

Does Paul love sports?


Seleccione una respuesta.

a. Yes, he does not.

b. Yes, he does.

c. No, never.

d. No, he doesn´t..

e. Yes, sometimes.


Puntos: 1

Escoja las dos palabras que mejor completan la pregunta.

______ he ________ his passport?

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. Does, have

b. Do, has

c. Do, have

d. Does, has


Puntos: 1

Some adjectives can describe personality are:

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. Friendly and gentle

b. Old and ugly

c. Beautiful and mean

d. Strong and tall


Puntos: 1

Daily Activities in third person singular

Choose the correct option to complete the blank

He has an English class in the afternoon, _____ starts at 05:00 p.m.

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. This

b. At

c. It’s

d. It


Puntos: 1

Short answers

Seleccione la opción correcta.

Does she always go to school by bus?

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. No, she doesn´t

b. No, she don´t

c. No, she do

d. No, she does


Puntos: 1

Unit 11: Do not (don't) and Does not (doesn't)

Complete el espacio con la mejor opción.

The cats_____ play with toys

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. Don´t

b. Does

c. Do

d. Doesn´t


Puntos: 1

Choose the correct sentence according to the structure.

Seleccione una respuesta.

a. We do studies at the library on Monday.

b. We don`t study at the library on Mondays.

c. We does study at the library on Monday.

d. We studies at the library on Mondays.


Puntos: 1

Unit 10: Describing a person: Adjectives

Seleccione la opciòn correcta.

Someone who is a good person is...

Seleccione una respuesta.



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