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My traveling experience

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In 2014 I traveled  to San Andres  by the way  in this time I have never flown in a plane , moreover this travel was family . We went sightseeing in the island , in each place new  we bought souvenirs and gifts for our family also we visited museums , danced with the music of this place , and we were in a boat for dinner . We have known the language , it was a mix of spanish and english also the food was delicious specially the dish fried mojarra . Many times when we have gone to the beach , stayed hours and hours admiring  the beautiful colors of the sea until waiting the sunset.

A year after  of this experience  , I traveled with my parents and my cousin for my fifteen years . We have tried the food in a restaurant of the historical center in fact we have rode in a carriage althought  it made a tour very fast was fantastic . We have taken pictures in the San Felipe Castle and one time more we bought souvenirs , when we went to the beach a woman made me braids in all the hair definetely a wonderful  experience well we made a frienship with the woman also we visited Boca grande mall and this place we saw the sunset.

I haven’t ever visited London but always I have wanted to do it , all which is part of London calls my attention since the streets until more emblematic places . Some plans , Go sightseeing for the city in a two floor bus , take pictures in buckingham palace or go to the top of the London eye would be like a dream.

In Colombia is many places also I have never visited , like the Amazonas . Take a tour for the jungle , take pictures of the exotic animals , try exotic food would be a extraordinary and unimaginable plan then this helps to preserve environment alike  log off of the technology in adition  noisy and stressful world of the city.

Finally ,each one experience was fantastic and unique although we didn’t enough time for enjoy each place ,then it would has been perfect as only 3 days we had for know.Also go out to more places then we have been in hotel long time .


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