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Test Source Code

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Test Source Code

This is a movie about an interesting topic , what is life after death , the brain is still alive or you can live in world thinking that nothing happened . And the secret weapons laboratories or having the United States Army .

Well this movie is based on that on that all people who are die can be used as a weapon because your brain can recover and return to it over time to see past mistakes and correct them in the future leaving in view people as if you lived in a parallel universe and tangled with a time limit to survive and find out or know what was wrong but what hiso after that time, one which would return to real life, but still doubt whether one is dead or alive.

This is apart from films put to doubt that this can be done or if the government has such a thing , it also shows you what the armament intent that the government thus generating concern in people in the country, what would happen to dead people. This is a question that can cause a breakthrough both science and history as to life and war.

How does this affect affects follows if this machine were to imagine having dictators , terrorists and presidents who wreaked havoc on the world and come back to life, this would be a mistake since this would lead to wars that never end up that this film also takes reflection of these acts and prevent a disaster of this magnitude.

Good and close on the film shows us that after death life goes one way or another, no matter how you die but this movie proves that you can live in a world parallel to equal or what living in life real, so this allows you to fantasize about what life after death .


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