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Like 20 year in the future

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Like 20 year in the future

This morning, I woke up thinking about the past, I remembered when I was little and I always said to my father:

Daddy when I grow the world will be as gray as the machines are, he asked me why, I always answered the same "because everything will be like machines and machines are gray." I told my father, in the future when I wake up, will be a small robot that will be washing my face and put me clothes at same time.

What most interested me was like the city was going to be in the future, would always say, when I leave my house, I will be seeing a totally different picture of the country.

The buildings will have been moving they roof every time because each area will have plants. The public transport will have been working in the skies at least three years when I will have ten years more. The persons with a private car will have had to go by land, for that reason and other mores like the public will be cheaper the people will have been walking or taking the public transport more in the next years, and these large buildings will have had color gray.

Fast food services will be in fewer places and be replaced by healthier food services and natural, which will be taking in the orchard’s that everyone is going to have on your roof. People in the future will be eating healthier; this because in a few years they will see that what we eat is causing damage.

All small building will be having a gym announcement, this is because the people will have been attending the gym more than now, the streets will be gray, each one-way street, every three buildings are going to be a street, for this reason each block will have a common courtyard and will be maximum eight buildings per block on occasion less, but no. less than six.

Every city will have been recycling plastic for ten years before the city can be a city, if the city don´t have that point it will be part of another city, the citizens will be forced to work in the city not in the place who aren´t the city.

When those thing will happen, I will have graduated from the university, the biggest university who is going to be in the future with the same structure, my father will have left Oklahoma city, and every single person will have known about my ideas for the future and in the future they will be asking why I knew this would happen.





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