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Short History Spiritual Illumination

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Short History

Spiritual Illumination

A boy entered with firm step to the jewelry shop and asked to show him the best engagement ring they had. The jeweler presented one. The beautiful stone, lonely, shone like a tiny shining sun. The boy contemplated the ring and with a smile approved it.

He then asked the price and prepared to pay. Are you going to get married soon? - I ask the jeweler. No - the boy replied - I do not even have a girlfriend. The silent surprise of the jeweler amused the buyer. It is for me mom - said the boy - When I was going to be born, she was alone; Someone advised him to kill me before he was born, thus avoiding problems. But she refused and gave me the gift of life. And he had many problems. Many. She was father and mother to me, and she was a friend and sister, and she was my teacher. It made me what I am. Now that I can I buy this engagement ring. She never had one. I give it to her as a promise that if she did everything for me, now I will do everything for her. Maybe later he will give another engagement ring, but it will be the second one.

The jeweler said nothing, only ordered his cashier to make the boy the discount that he did nothing more to the important clients.


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