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Why do juries kill people who kill people

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Introductory paragraph

The death penalty. Many people believe that it is efficient, but efficient in what? If the same crimes continue to be committed every day in our society and throughout the world. The people who support this cause believe that this brings a benefit to the communities, because they think that this causes fear to the criminals, the fear of death, but believe me not, because if they were afraid, no more crimes would be seen in the news. The implement of this act is a crime against humanity, since nobody has the right to take the life of another person, even a judge with years of experience in his/her career. Here are a few reasons why the death penalty is not an efficient and humane method to be applied and why it should be banned everywhere.

Body of the argument

  1.  Claim: the person you are influences pretty much in your penalty.
  • Evidence: Warren McCleskey case
  1. Claim: reason: there can be some failure and they end up murdering the wrong person
  • Evidence: Ronald Williamson case
  1. Claim: Third reason: many of these criminals are mentally ill, so when they commit their crimes, most of the times they are not conscious of what they are doing.
  • Evidence: John Lamb case

Address of the opposite side

  1. 1st opposing view: Executing murderers prevent them from murdering again
  • Refutation: There are plenty of ways to stop a murder from killing a person.
  1. 2ND opposing view: It could cause fear to the criminals, so this would prevent them from committing severe crimes.
  • Refutation: This doesn’t apply, because if this was true, you wouldn’t see those crimes in the news.


We are all human beings living in this planet for a reason, and that’s to subsist and produce. Yes, I know that there are people that doesn’t deserve to live in a civilized society, but that doesn’t mean that we must take their right to live by killing them. Stealing them the gift of life. There are plenty of ways to control those types of people that create disturbances or cause fear in our communities, but killing, I can assure you that, that’s not one of them. Killing produce more killing.


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