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In order to present our project, we´re going to talk about the car business and all the elements that it involves.

First of all, we used “the matrix chart” to decide the best project, comparing if it´s profitable, if it has demand, if it´s innovate and if it´s feasible, with the purpose to achieve benefits, and we chose a service business named “Sexy Car wash“.

As we know, car wash business already exists, but in order to improve the process, earn money and get customers, we added an important and innovated element, called “ Sexy Chicks” .

To accomplish our goals, we are going to use the management process.

The first step is to plan all activities and the resources that we need, like machinery or equipment, human resources, and all the materials necessary to wash a car.

We want an efficient team in our business, so that, we are going to organize the personnel that we already drafted and we´ll train them. As a result, we can improve the time that the cars are going to be ready, because this is one of our objectives.

Is very important that our project has a good manager with leadership skills, in other way, abilities to influence employees, motivate them, abilities to communicate with them in order to improve the performance.

Finally, we have to check if all the activities and materials are being used in a optimized way and if we are minimizing the risk, so that, we´ll establish standards to compare with the results and if it´s necessary, apply corrective actions. Having all this, will make us feel in control.

At the end, all this steps will help us to have a successful project.


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