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Comisión Europea

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European Commission and his President

Transatlantic Economic Alliance

The European Commission is the European Union’s executive body and represents the interests of Europe as a Whole. Its headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium with offices in Luxembourg. Their main roles are to set objectives and priorities for action, propose legislation to Parliament and Council, manage and implement EU policies and the budget, enforce European Law and represent the EU outside Europe.

A new team of 27 Commissioners one from each EU country is appointed every five years. The European Council nominates a candidate to be president of the Commission, who must be approved by a majority of members of the European Parliament.

In the actuality the president of the European Commission is José Manuel Barroso, Portuguese politician born in March 23 of 1957. The President of the Commission is appointed by the governments of the Member States, and then approved by the European Parliament. This dual legitimacy gives the President political authority, which he exercises in a variety of ways. The President must try to provide forward movement for the European Union and to give a sense of direction both to his fellow Commissioners and, more broadly, to the Commission as a whole. The President of the Commission only serves a five-year term.

In the recent month the president Barroso delivered a keynote speech on “New Transatlantic Partnership for Growth & Jobs” at a conference in New York on Friday, in which he calls for a transatlantic economic alliance. He talked about the progresses in the current situation y Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal and expresses his happiness because of the aprovement of Ireland and Portugal to make a trade with the US and become to re-enter the markets, expecting a great development. He said also that this new trade is going to be an inauguration of an era of free trade deals in this new century.

This new partnership between the EU and the US facilitates growth and generates big employee’s possibilities. Barroso said that this partnership has develop into the most prosperous and dynamic bond in the world.

A 2.7 billion dollars' worth of trade flows between the two of us on a daily basis. Over 3.7 trillion dollars is invested across the Atlantic, creating powerful links between companies and researchers, creating business and employment opportunities on a scale that remains incomparable. For decades, this bond between the two most developed economic blocs in the world has been the driver for growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. It has set the example for economic openness and entrepreneurship elsewhere. And it will continue to do exactly that in the future. That is the logic behind the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on which negotiations should begin before the summer.

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