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The strategy as an object of study: Why search for a new paradigm

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The strategy as an object of study: Why search for a new paradigm?

The article mentions us on innovation and the shift that has been generated over time in the administrative, business, specifically on how to implement strategies in organizations. It manages the importance that existed in the nineties to generating strategies, when the world began to see the first changes from traditional to modern and innovative.

The transformation has increased by factors such as free trade, competitiveness, globalization, technology, etc., where new entrepreneurs have to propose new strategies in order to continue to build market presence and be competitive.

This change affects not only the business world, also to specialists and academics, as they must implement other strategic research tools that relate to the study of business and business development.

The article says in a nutshell, that both businessmen and academics should apply different strategies and change the focus to the operation of businesses and breaking old paradigms to apply new which can adapt to the rapidly changing environment that exist today thanks to the highly competitive and speed innovation.

Today there is a greater demand for customers who require highly specialized products or services and to satisfy your unique needs, therefore, enterprises should focus more on the value of production and the study of their products also another approach that should be taken into account today is to have well-established human resource application and have a vertical position to focus more.


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