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Funding Sources

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Financing Sources of long-term

Funding sources, as is the way an entity can cleave funds or financial resources to carry out its goals of growth and progress.

They are all business obligations to third parties and maturing in a period greater than five years, payable in periodic installments. The Long Term Financing, are constituted by the Mortgages, Stocks, Bonds and Financial Leases.

Stocks represent equity capital or a shareholder participation within the organization to which it belongs.

Are very important because they measure the level of participation and what belongs to each shareholder.

Bonds are a written instrument in the form of an unconditional promise, certified, in which the borrower promises to pay a specified sum on a certain date, together with interest and a certain rate.

A finance lease is a contract that is negotiated between the owner of the goods (creditor) and the company (lessee) to which you are allowed to use such property for a specified period and upon payment of a specific income.

The lease provides funding for parties, allowing the company to resort to this means of acquiring smaller assets.

A mortgage is a conditional transfer of property granted by the borrower (debtor) to the lender (creditor) to guarantee payment of the loan.

This is not an obligation to pay as the debtor granted the mortgage and the creditor is the recipient, if the lender does not cancel said mortgage, the same be caught and happen to the borrower.


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