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Marketing Mix; Promotion ; Johnnie Walker

a. Above the line promotion, is promotion that is done outside of the business, promotion like this often includes TV advertising and radio advertising.

b. To redesign there new image, Johnnie Walkers could redesign all of there products packaging and design, they could do this by maybe adding tartan design to the bottles of whiskey, if they wanted to give there products an authentic Scottish look, they could also redesign there logo to make the company look more like how they want the company to be thought of,

To promote there new image Johnny Walkers could also pay famous celebrities to be seen drinking there products, this way people will think its cool to drink Johnny Walkers whiskey, they could get someone who is fashionable and not considered an alcoholic to get rid of any bad images created by heavy whiskey drinkers.

c. Johnnie Walkers could tell how there advertising campaign is doing by keeping a very close track on sales, if they did this they could make sure that they were increasing sales significantly enough to warrant the huge amount of money they are spending on the advertising campaign.

Another way they could keep track of sales and to find out what people thought of there new marketing campaign would be to perform a survey in major cities to see if people new about there new image, and if they thought the advertising campaign was good and suitable for a whiskey company, they could then use the information they got back from there surveys to further improve there current advertising campaign.

Johnnie Walker could also monitor selected shops to see who they are selling there whiskey to, and if the advertising campaign is working, and the people who they are targeting with the new campaign are actually buying the product, or if its still the same people who used to buy the product.


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