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It was founded in 1794 by Gervasio Rubio, being founded as the City Pontalida. Rubio becomes parish for the year 1868 and in January 1872, Juan Hilario Bosset donated two acres of land in its possession for Rubio and Temple Square.

The economy of the city was based on the past in the coffee production today depends on the tertiary sector and some local agricultural production. The first oil exploration in Venezuela started in 1883, in La Petrolea, in the town of Rubio, the "National Mining Company Petrolia Tachira 'exploited and the first well was named Salvador. It has banking offices and hospitals as well as multiple educational institutions, being known as the educating city of Venezuela.

Rubio City is located in the southwestern part of the state of Táchira, at an altitude of 825 meters.

In this city there are also interesting places and tourist spots for those who vacation in this city, among these are: The Park " La petrolea" , we have two places which are located in the city center " Plaza Bolivar " where is the monumental church of Santa Barbara blonde architectural Heritage of Tachira since 1972. The first church , completed in 1911 , was built with bricks made from clay around . To paste mixture used as the combination of clay , straw and animal blood . The present church , neo-Gothic brick built clean work has cruciform ( a Latin cross ) and two towers rising 50 meters tall, the dome has an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is considered one of the most beautiful religious architectural works of Tachira and Venezuela . Here the image of Santa Barbara, Christian virgin martyr , venerated patron Rubio . The statues and reliefs are the work of Front gritense artist Pedro Mogollon. And the other place " Plaza Urdaneta " also have the Museum, " Nicolas Palencia ' park ' and also the "cueva de los Santos" stone hill recreational park and finally School Musical “Francisco J Marciales"


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