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The International Education System

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The International Education System

The current global educational system comprising General Education and Special Education System. The General Scheme are ordered as follows: Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education which includes Secondary Education, Secondary Education and Vocational Training intermediate-level, specific vocational training higher level, and Higher Education. As Special Education Systemsare considered Arts Education and Language.

Basic education includes preschool, primary and secondary. Is the priority area of government action in education and education is the most numerous type of International Educational System.


The preschool serves children ages three, four and five years of age. Usually runsthree grades. This educational level is required, however, in some countries is notmandatory for entry into primary education.


Primary education is compulsory and is provided for children six to 14 years in six grades. The primary is offered in various forms: general, bilingual-bicultural,community courses and adult education. In all its forms, pre-primary education isindispensable to study secondary education.

Secondary Education:

Secondary education is provided in the following services: general, for workers,secondary school: technical and adult education; is provided over three years as the population aged 12 to 16 years of age who have completed primary education.People over 16 can study in high school to workers or the adult form. This ispreparatory level, that is, necessary to initiate studies or professional means a higher average.

Middle school:

(Includes general and technical secondary school and vocational secondaryeducation).

The upper secondary education system consists of three categories: generalbaccalaureate, baccalaureate technological and technical vocational education. Eachis configured differently, depending on the objectives pursued, school organization,curriculum and overall student development.

To enter upper secondary education is essential to have high school certificate, in addition, most private schools and public-presentation-requires an entrance exam.

Higher Education:

(Includes graduate education does not include normal).

Higher education is after school diploma or its equivalent and may be academic,technological or normal. Most public universities are autonomous from state and federal governments.

The main purpose of higher education is to train professionals to the various areas ofscience, technology and culture integral to the advancement of nations.



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