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In Puerto Rico, a dropout is one child or young student who was dismissed from the day school in Puerto Rico, during the school year. Thus the student ignores some opportunities for a better future. Specifically, the drop occurs mostly after the transition to the intermediate level from sixth to seventh grade and step to the upper intermediate level between ninth and tenth grade in Puerto Rico each year are written off 2,500 students of the educational system. Consequently there are several factors that influence dropout.

In Puerto Rico there are about 610, 000 students enrolled in day schools. There are about 33.000 students enrolled in 12TH grade in public schools day, these end up close to 95 %. Graduates about 3.600 more women than men, representing 56% of the total young graduates.

1. * The lack of interest in school

2. * the low grades that for Xfree

3. * school failure

4. * the misconduct

5. * the problems of reading

6. * the intellectual difficulties

. * health problems

8. * financial problems

9. * the social gaps

10. * the personality problems

11. * influences and parental relationships

12. * family history

13. * discrimination and racial and ethnic prejudice

14. * the socio-economic factors

real fact that gives rise to the school dropout rate may be irrelevant, a misunderstanding a disciplinary action, among others. In many cases a series of previous events leads to the final drop: social disadjustment or isolation, family relations strained, behavior problems in school, grade repetition or poor ratings.

There are studies that show that the students who were at risk of being a deserter had attitudes significantly less positive toward their school experience, a poor self-concept, further guidance on the external control and saw their parents as less plaintiffs and expectations more casual. Although other studies indicate that there is discrimination between the/ the students identified with specific problems of learning which sugestionan so that they drop out and not be graduated.

It should be noted that in Puerto Rico, at a given moment is sought to encourage the school drop-outs by means of a proposed law, which should be required to young people aged 16 and 17 years a certification that they are still in school if you want to have a driver's license. Centers have also been established to support multidisciplinary students problematic


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