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Jose Saramago (Biography)

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Jose Saramago (Biography)

Orlando Nevarez



Naomi Cortez


        Jose Saramago was born in Portugal in 1922, he worked as a locksmith before he started writing, he stopped writing for 20 years because his second novel did not convince the publishing company, even though he is a well known atheist he wrote books about Bible stories but he wrote them in another perspective, such as “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ”, “Cain” or “Death with interruptions”, Saramago won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998.


        Jose Saramago (Azinhaga, Portugal, 1922 - Tías, Spain, 2010) Narrator and Portuguese essayist, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998, born in a family of farmers and artisans, José Saramago grew up in a popular neighborhood in Lisbon. His mother, illiterate, gave him the thirst for knowledge and gave him his first book, at fifteen he left school because of a lack of resources and had to work as a locksmith.

1. Does his name come from an error or a joke?

José Saramago was the son of a peasant couple who had no resources or land. When they went to register their son, one of the civil registry workers was wrong and instead of writing in the record that the name of the child was "José Sousa", wrote "José Saramago", for that the nickname of the paternal family of the writer was Saramago (Jaramago in Spanish, making reference to a plant), There are those who claim that this finger mistake was actually a joke of the civil registry official, the truth is that back then nobody suspected that the name of José Saramago would be recognized around the world.

2. His first approach to books and reading

José Saramago's father wanted his son to study for locksmith. In fact, at that time there were not many options in Portugal, so everything pointed out that Jose would end up being a worker or peasant. However, while attending programs to learn the trade there was a class of literature that transformed him into a reader.

As his family moved to Lisbon, Jose began to read in the library of the neighborhood where he lived. Despite being a good student he had to leave school to help bring money home after the death of his brother Francisco (2 years older than him). So at the same time that he worked in a workshop he also read everything he could.

3. Early novels and the period of silence

Between the 40s and 70s, in addition to having some administrative jobs and marrying the painter Ilda Reis, Saramago wrote “Tierra de Pecado” (Land of Sin), his first novel published in 1947 which was unsuccessful. That same year was born Violante, his first daughter.

Saramago, then 31 years old, wrote a second novel, which he sent to a publishing house in his country. When he did not receive a reply, he decided to leave literature for the moment, according to what he said, "I just did not have anything to say and when you do not have something to say, it's best to be quiet.", he continued working in an insurance company and collaborated as a journalist in the “Diario de Noticias”, where he became a journalist. His literary silence would last about 20 years.


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