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Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola is one of the most known and implemented throughout the world and has maintained that leadership position, which combines economic success with a wide social recognition, for at least the last 40 years. This work will examine the development model of Coca-Cola.

The study focuses on issues such as:

History, where we will briefly discuss the most important events in the history of this great company, Coca-Cola.

Location, countries of the expansion of Coca-Cola, and focus on Spain.

Product, formula and its way of manufacture.

Marketing strategies.

And finally, we analyze the the competition between Coca Cola and Pepsi.


The Coca-Cola was created in 1885 by John Pemberton's Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. With a mixture of coca leaves and cola seed wanted to create a remedy, which began being marketed as a medicine which relieved the headache and nausea concealed, then was sold in pharmacies as a remedy to quench their thirst. Frank Robinson named it Coca-Cola, and in his handwriting designed the current logo of the brand.

Three years later, after obtaining the exclusive rights to bottle and sell Coca-Cola in the U.S., employers Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead, started the business. Recognized the need for local participation in the creation of a network of bottlers, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Whitehead, with the help of John T. Lupton, granted the franchise rights to bottle Coca-Cola business people from other places, which soon became a national initiative.

Later a group of lawyers bought the company and made Coca-Cola reached worldwide. Then the company became The Coca-Cola Company.

This is a company that has grown in the sector of soft drinks, which has almost no features conducive to hold a company to distance itself from its competitors.


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