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Lesson plan format


• Esther Segura Jaimes

• Mayra Alejandra Jiménez Rodríguez

• Rubiel Vergara

Unit: 6 I just love it¡

Date: 9th july 2012

Level: 4 semester

Materials required: Student book, Work book, Recorder, Images, photocopies, and others.


• Like

• Verb patterns

• Describing food, tows and people

• Signs and sounds

• How…? Or what… like?

• Relative Clauses

• Antonyms and synonyms

• Phrasal verbs


1. Identified the different uses of like when, how, and why we use like.

2. To detect some verbs are followed by the gerund (-ing form).

3. To know how describe different things there are in our living.

4. To know defining relative clauses, when the pronouns 'that', 'who' and 'which' are the objects of the verb they can be taken out and the meaning of the sentence stays the same.

5. To identify antonyms and synonyms.

6. Identified phrasal verbs.


Activity with pieces of paper with names of some colleagues to answer the questions: What does she / he look like? Or What’s he / she like? Timing

20 minutes

Writing task

To do examples with the different uses of like.

Develop 3 activities in the Workbook.

Write a similar description of your favourite room in about 250 words (page 111) Timing

1 hour and 40 minutes

Reading task

Students will have a task to read the book pages 50 and 51 and develop them.

Read “My favourite room” pag.110 Timing

1 hour

Speaking task

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, activity with 6 questions to answer.

Activities with pictures of the topic describing food, towns and people to discuss the images.


1 hour

Listening task




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