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Research type

Well according to what with planted through this Project we have decided to that for this delivering the best way to give a good performance is by using the quantitative method that applies a survey


A special and direct advertising campaign to keep the people’s attention and make them think about the way that children with down syndrome are being treating, such we could find a way to help.

Dependent variables

Variable Description Quantitative/Qualitative Scale

Impact in people. Number of people affected by the publicity campaign. Quantitative because it’s defined by the number of people affected. Nominal

Help provided to the institution. The help people provide to the institution. Quantitative, because is measured on a nominal scale of the attitude of people, don’t by a specific number. Ordinal

Impact in the institution. The form of how the publicity is affecting the institution. Quantitative, because is measured on a nominal scale of the form of thinking of the people, don’t by a specific number Nominal

What people think about the campaign Qualitative Is testing the message provided by the publicity. Nominal

In what way does the campaign help the institution: Qualitative Because it measures the helping of the campaign to the institution not a specific data number. Nominal

Independent variables

Variable Description Quantitative Scale

Timing. Time for having results of the campaign. Quantitative, because it uses a measure of time. Ratio

Publicity Number of elements (bracelets) for publicity that we need. Quantitative, it’s defined by a number of specific publicity. Ratio

Quorum To what specific group of people the campaign is directed. Qualitative, it’s studying to what kind of people the campaign affects. Ordinal

Psychological intention of our publicity Qualitative It’s studying the purpose of the campaign and how it affects psychologically to people. Nominal

The type of campaign we realize Qualitative It’s studying the better way to do the publicity. Nominal

The material of the campaign Qualitative Is a nominal scale no number data. Ordinal

The colors and images of the campaign Qualitative Is a nominal scale of colors and data without numbers. Nominal

Research hypothesis

Prove the effectiveness of the advertising campaign at creating conscious in people about


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