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Names: Ashley Teresa Aguirre Robledo 1871436
Adriana Paola Esquivel Rodríguez 1855480
Eduardo de Jesús flores Medina 1861723
Sergio Azael Leos Elizondo 1845956
Javier Parrilla de León 1852698
Melanie Lorena Luna Rios 1866886


Hydrocarbon Derivatives

What is Hydrocarbon Derivatives? Hydrocarbons are the simplest organic compounds. They only contain carbon and hydrogen, which can be straight chain, branched chain, or cyclic molecules. Carbon tends to form four bonds in a tetrahedral geometry. Derivatives of hydrocarbons are formed when there is a substitution of a functional group in one or more of these positions.
Functional groups
A functional group is a reactive portion of a molecule. The combinations of functional groups with the hydrocarbons produce a vast number of compounds. Particular types of reactions are associated with functional groups with different structural adjuncts, giving rise to names associated with such compounds. 
What are the hydrocarbon derivatives used for?
The petrochemical industry has multiplied the use of oil in the manufacture of different objects made of plastics and synthetic fibers. Many things that surround us such as pens, the fabric of bathing clothes, creams, paints, insecticides, many parts of machines and appliances, and even soda bottles require petrochemicals to exist.[pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]

Modern hydrocarbon companies carry out socially and environmentally responsible management; improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the areas where it operates is part of its management of community relations to avoid environmental contamination.

Our Opinion about the topic

Natural gas is a hydrocarbon that can be found both in marine and continental subsoils and occurs in a gaseous state composed mainly of methane, and propane and butane to a lesser extent.

Hydrocarbons are an important source of energy generation for industries, for our homes and for the development of our daily lives. But they are not only fuels, but through more advanced processes their elements are separated and their use is achieved through the petrochemical industry.

Hydrocarbons are a source of energy for the modern world and also a resource for the manufacture of multiple materials with which we make our lives easier.

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