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* Obtain knowledge about tourist attractions

* Encourage People to visit our country Honduras.

* Name and explain the issues that identified the departments of La Ceiba and Bays Islands (Roatan) and its location

* Explain the importance of each one of them, in the cultural aspect and examine its means for our country.


In Honduras, tourism has been a very competitive source of income for many years. It has generated enough increments to the economy of our country, and although it has tried to reduce the negative effects of political and economic crisis, always maintains a very interesting boom.

In this report we focus on one of the most visited tourist sites with unique and curious characteristics and specially the reason of why tourists choose to visit us. These departments are La Ceiba and in The Bay Islands. The natural beauty and the history behind these places filled with pride to any Honduran who knows or who sells this tourist image. Learn more of how much has our natural resources served to affirm that Honduras is a country with many tourist attractions which are useful for healthy and productive entertainment.

Bay Island

There are several islands in the department, and the most notably are Roatán, Guanaja and Utila, which are the largest but the one with most tourist infrastructure is Roatan and This is why we focus on it.

Roatan´s meaning is “The Celestial Kingdom”, like the rest of the Bay Islands, provides visitors with an amazing vacation alternative and it retains much of the original landscape that was known in the 16th century.

The New York Times honored Roatan with the number 30 of the 53 places to visit around the world.


Is located 30 miles from the Honduran coast between the islands of Utila and Guanaja and is surrounded by a barrier reef, which provides an incredible view for those who want to start diving or snorkeling.

Things to do in the Bay Islands, Honduras.

Sunbathing and snorkeling are the top activities in the Bay Islands.

As this is the biggest island in the area, Roatan includes the best nightlife activities in the Bay Islands, with much of the fun occurring in the town of West End.

Why English is the most spoken in Roatan?

Because Roatan was formerly part of the British Empire, English is much more widely spoken there than on the mainland. More Spanish-speaking Hondurans have relocated there in recent years to work at the resorts or in construction,

The island has many things to offer,

• Snorkeling is a big attraction as well, so vacationers are warned not to drink too much if they're planning to be up early to do wetsuits and explore stunning corals.

• Superb scuba diving and snorkeling,

• Tours of the island,

• Hiking,

• Kayaking,

• Horseback riding,

• Exploring vast mangrove alleys,

• Zip-line tours,Tours of the island

• Tours of the island,

La Ceiba.

The port city of La Ceiba started to form in the year 1872 when Mr. Manuel Hernandez built a hut under the huge tree.

Due to its natural beauty has been declared by the Government of the Republic as “Capital of Ecotourism". Among its natural attractions stands the imposing Pico Bonito(2345 mts.), Which is also a national park in this cloud forest combine the heavy rainsand the rocky slopes


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