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Name: Yolanda Sanchez Serrano

Reading Business Scripts


Teacher : Magdalena Perez Garcia




        The name of the book I read is Eskoria, the author is Alfredo Cerda Gomez, he was born in Madrid in 1951. He is recognized for making books that makes you think and reflect about real situations. I decided to read this book because my friend recommend it to me, she told me that it was a really cool book and that it make her cry;                        and also because of the cover picture, it makes you want to know the story.                   So I decided it to give it a try.

        The story takes place principally in a school, the main character is Diego, a lonely boy who gets bullied and hates his life. He only has 2 friends; Fede his best friend, also a lonely boy who gets bullied and Gloria who is her crush and by the way they are together as a couple in a time at the book. His parent don't really pay much attention to him and they are always talking about the awesome time they had at  school which makes Diego sad because he is not popular and has no social life.

        The story is about Diego trying to deal with his depression caused by bullying, he explains you that his only favorite day of the week is Sunday, when he gets to see Gloria but Gloria couldn't handle the social pressure so she ends up leaving him. Leaving Diego at a point in which he almost committed suicide.

        Diego's best friend Fede gets bullied at school too. That is how they end up being friends. When Diego tells Fede that he tried to commit suicide Fede was in shock and he told him that it wasn't worth it. But the next day Fede committed suicide. That was the breaking point for Diego, he couldn't handle it anymore so he took action and told everyone what he and Fede had been through.

        In my opinion this book is amazing, because things like this happen in real life  and it shows you that you are not alone and that you can take action. It makes you think about today's society and what we can do to change it. This book is funny, it has a good story and like my friend says it makes you cry. I totally recommend this book


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