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Competencias Portafolio Matematicas 1

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Mathematics Propaedeutic Course Competences

Generic Competence:

4.-Listen, interpret and send relevant messages in different contexts using means, codes and the appropriate tools.


• Express ideas and concepts by linguistic, mathematical representations or graphs.

• Handles the information technologies and communication to obtain information and expresses ideas.

8. Participates and collaborates in an effective manner in different teams. Attributes

• Proposes ways to solve a problem or develop a project by teams, defining an action course with specific steps.

• Contributes with open points of view and considers the other persons in a reflexive manner.

General Competences:

Handle the information technologies and communication as a tool for the access to information and transform it to knowledge, so as to the learning and team work with the latest techniques that will allow its constructive participation in society.


• Handles the information and communication technologies in a critical way in different areas of knowledge.

• Uses linguistic and mathematical representations or graphs as a communication strategy.

Elaborates academic and professional propositions, inter, multi and trans disciplinary agreements to the best world practices to contribute and consolidate a collaborative work.


• Proposes its point of view and at the same time has respect for his classmates.

• Works and participates with a positive attitude in different rolls of its assigned shores.

Disciplinary Competences:

3. Explains and interprets the results obtained by mathematical procedures and compares with established models or real life situations.

4. Argues the obtained solution of a problem with numeric, graph, analytical and variation methods by the verbal and mathematical language and the use of information technologies and communication.


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