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Often people use the word "gender" as a synonym for "sex". However, sex refers to biological characteristics inherent to a woman or a man; also it has been used incorrectly as a synonym for "woman" or "female". In development projects geared towards the needs of women, for example, it is possible that erroneously refers to gender needs, perhaps gender refers to the "socio-cultural construction of roles and relationships between men and women", when we need the word socio cultural construction we refer to the "gender analysis that considers social structures, such as such as race, ethnicity and caste.

In most societies, the activities that go aboard when men and women differ in terms of access and control of resources and participation in the taking of decisions. Differences socially constructed between men and women change over time and represent a variety within and between cultures. Gender is a socio-economic variable which roles are analyzed, responsibilities, constraints and opportunities for the people.

The approach of genre or equality between women and men is the capacity of women and men enjoy equal goods valued socially, opportunities, resources, and rewards. Equality does not mean that a man is equal to a woman or a woman is equal to man because at the end the problem would remain. Instead the opportunities from men and women have and the changes that may exist in their lives should not depend in their gender but in the intellectual coefficient. Humankind should learn to appreciate equally and without distinction as to gender is referred; both the similarities and differences between men and women and of course the varied roles that they perform. Alternatives must be in search that may help to understand the different experiences of men and women and to identify factors that can explain these differences. Therefore, I suggest assessing both the female and male patterns for comparisons, and determine if the access of women to professional-labor life is really different or equal of what men do.

In all societies, men and women play different occupations and assume various responsibilities in the activities of the home, in the case of women, work and family are always linked to each other and much of their work are not rewarded monetarily, even if they are productive tasks. For its part, the man usually plays a marginal role in the housework, because in theory men’s role is to work outside and succeed in the professional life.

The gap between women and men as for access to economic resources, credit, exercises of power and participation in executive instances; limit the possibilities of economic empowerment of women and preventing a better standard of living for her and their dependents. The restricted access of women to productive resources causes a negative impact on the productivity of women's work. In the past 20 years the participation


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