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Actividad: Metacognición (Role play)

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Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Preparatoria No. 1 “Colegio Civil”

Materia: Inglés 3

Actividad: Metacognición (Role play)

Nombre:                                                                            Matricula:

Ana Daniela Barrón Rodríguez                                         1917034        

Mario Yahir Flores González                                             1911414

Derly Jesús Flores Gutiérrez                                             1906516

Ana Paola Escamilla Palacios                                           1903412

Daniela Guadalupe López Navarro                                  1903546

José Alejandro Herrera Rodríguez                                   1917240

Julian Guadalupe Zapata Gonzalez                                  1919872

Juan Humberto Ibarra Ortiz                                               1913142

Maestro: José Clemente Garza

Apodaca, Nuevo León a 28 de Agosto de 2018

Dialogue 1: About a car accident.

Ana: I will go to the grandmother´s house to visit her. Bye brother.

Julian: Thats fine to me. Take care. Dont use the phone, watch the road, and dont drink anything, i dont want an accident.

Paola: Bestie, May I go with you? You know, i love your grandma, is like a second mother to me.

Daniela: Oh! I hear that, i will ask mom if i can grab the car, and i will leave the both of you, so you dont have to take the bus.

Ana: Oww! That is so cute sister, thank you so much.

Late that day….

Mario: Bro, we should go to the store to buy some drinks, dont you think?

Humberto: Yes, then lets go.

Derly: Dude, i will go with the both of you, i need some stuff from the store, i want to make a party.

Humberto: Okay, but hurry up, is late now,

Mario: I will drive, you two dont know how.

Then in the different cars….

Ana: Daniela, you should put your eyes in the road, i dont want a car accident.

Daniela: Yeah yeah, in a minute, let me send a message first, it will be fast.

Paola: Oh.. I dont know Daniela, you may listen your sister? Is dangerous use the phone while you drive.

Daniela: I tell her! In a minute.


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