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Reporte sobre brexit

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M. A. Issac T. Guzman Mátar

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Nombre: David Josué Mancha Vázquez

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As we saw in the article this year that begins will be decisive for the fate of Brexit and the United Kingdom. In 2017, since the negotiations were still incipient.

In recent months, the landscape of the Brexit - until now hidden in the fog of affirmations on one side and another - is seen more and more clearly. Now we have the budget prediction that, due to Brexit, economic growth will be below expectations, not only this year but the next five years, with an average of 1.5%. Something that has not happened for more than 30 years. The lowering of the standard of living and the first rise in unemployment.

The negotiation of the Brexit is going on, and in short, there are four options:

1. Change your mind and stay in Europe, especially in a reformed Europe, where we can use the Brexit vote to impose these reforms.

2. Abandon the political structures of the EU but remain in the economic structures, ie the Single Market and the Customs Union.

3. Get out of political and economic structures but try to negotiate an agreement as it reproduces the current economic advantages and keeps us politically close to Europe.

4. Exit the two structures, make the exit virtue, negotiate a basic Free Trade Agreement and sell us as "No Europe".

The Government has ruled out option 2 and is trying to negotiate option 3, but an important part of the Conservative Party is willing to follow option 4. The bad part of option 3 is that you can not negotiate without making concessions of such dimension that they make ridiculous arguments to leave. The bad part of option 4 is that it would involve tremendous economic difficulties, insofar as we would have to adjust our economy to the new commercial conditions.

In any case, almost everyone recognizes that the United Kingdom needs the majority of immigrant workers arriving from Europe, and, as our study shows, Brexit is already seriously damaging recruitment in crucial sectors, including the Health Service. . If we want to have free movement of goods, Northern Ireland must have a relationship with the EU that is governed by the rules of the Customs Union.

I feel that Brexit is a complicated option because it has many advantages and disadvantages. The problem is to face the situation well because Brexit offers an option for tourism and people who can stay to work but for the people who live can be left without that option of work.


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