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Third Chapter, “Burning Bright”

Main Characters

Montag: A brave fireman who wanted to take a risk

Faber: A very intelligent teacher who help Montag

Beatty: Montag’s bad chief


When Montag arrived to his house he just follow Beattys’ orders and burned it. He saw Mildred running away in taxi and realized she was the one who turned on the alarm. The fireman was in shock and really scared so he called Faber through the radio owned and Faber suggested him to hide. While Beatty was burning the rest of the house Montag got really mad and killed Beatty with a lighter. He ran away and went to the place Faber recommended. When Montag finally arrived he met people like him who liked books and a big library. They got together and solved his doubts. The most interesting person he met was Granger who was like the leader of the group.

Personal Opinion

I really enjoyed this book because with a timeless story, the author taught us a lesson of being brave and do what you think is correct. Montag was really corageous during this period of time. His life changed and he knew it was going to be difficult to keep reading, but he did everything that was in his hands because he delight the way he felt while reading books and discovering things he ignored. He was so fearless that he killed the man who gave him orders for twenty years.


• “What is fire? It is a mystery.”

I liked this quote because for most of the people fire was sign of evil and criminals who did not follow the rules and for Beatty it was something beautiful, I think he had personal issues with fire or something like that.

• “You always said don’t face a problem, burn it.”

This was my favorite quote of all the story because the words were the ones Montag said to Beatty when he killed him with fire. They burned the books because the law tought they were a problem, Montag tought Beatty was the biggest problem of all so he burned him.


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