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Have you heard of hypertrophic tuberculosis of the uterine cervix?. This is a rare form of genital tuberculosis. Is so rare that sonographic findings of this condition have rarely been reported in the literature. Sometimes it can be confused with cervical cancer. This type of condition usually occurs in women of childbearing ages and is detected in 1.3% of women with tuberculosis. There is alot more to know about this condition, and we will learn about the symptoms, treatments and differents test to treat and detect this rare form of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis of the uterine cervix more frequently affects the upper genital tract-namely, the fallopian tubes, the endometrium, the ovary and the cervix. This condition can be confused, and it has been reported that some women did not know they had tuberculosis in the cervix. Many women presented good health or did not presented history of tuberculosis or immunosuppresion. Some of the symptoms are: abnormal vaginal bleeding, menstrual irregularities, abdominal pain and constitutional symptoms, and infertility may be present. But, some patients may be asymptomatic. Is very important to go to the doctor and get a checkup regulary. There are many ways to diagnosis this rare condition.

Some of the test to detect the tuberculosisof the cervix are: the endovaginal sonography, a cervical biopsy and a histological examination. But only by carrying out a, biopsy of the cervix followed by a study of the histology, it can be well detected. But, there is also a very important fact that you also need to know, and is the way it can be introduces. The hypertrophic tuberculosis of the uterine cervix can be introduced by a partner with tuberculosis epididymitis or other genitary desease, and also by the use of some toilet objects that may. The tuberculosis of the uterine cervix can be treated. There is also a vaccine to prevent it, called Bacille Calmetteguerin vaccination. To treat this condition is rarely any need for surgery in cervical tuberculosis, because medical treatment is often sufficient, comprising to 6 months of therapy. As you can see there is still hope in preventing, identifying and treating this condition. But is very important to be responsable with the way we live and most important be carefull when using other people's things.

They should continue to investigate more about this condition, because there are many people who do not know about it. I myself did not know about it or knew that tuberculosis could affect women like that. Performing this essay was a good thing because I learn, and help me to be a lot more careful with the way I live. This condition could affect women who have tuberculosis or haven't had tuberculosis in their life, and thats why it should be raise awareness of this rare condition. There may be women who are suffering from this condition and not know it, because sometimes the patient may not suffer or present any of the symptoms that


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