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The impact of the Hippie movement

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First Essay

“Hippie Time”

The impact of the Hippie movement

This essay is about a topic that it brought a new form to see the things in the world in the 60`s. In that decade appeared a literary movement called “Beat Generation”. The writters of those decade expressed their disagreement with the society.

Firts we need to define what is a hippie and what is its origin. The term “hippie” cames from the Word “hip”, this word was used in the jazz in the 50´s they used with the sense “to be in wave” and “to be initiate”. The journalist Michael Fellon used the word hippie in his article in 1965 to talk about for the first time to them like the Bohemian young people. The hippies arise in years 60 in the United States influenced by the injustices of the war of Vietnam.

Later, the culture hippie extended by everybody and supposed a great influence for all a generation of young people, in addition also it served as an inspiration for many other urban tribes.

In this essay I want to prove that the movement hippie was a movement that impact in a significant way in the world giving a new perspective to see the things and starting a new era.

This movement was characterizied by the no violence anarchy, the taken care of the environment and a general rejection to the western materialism. Some of the lifestyles they adopted was based on love and peace, renounced nationalism and the Vietnam War, taking elements of religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and religions of the American Indians.

A characteristic of the hippies was that they disagreed with the traditional values of the American middle class. And they also considered the government paternalism, militarism and traditional social values as a part of a system.

One of the characteristics that distinguished more the hippies was that they liked to travel, in some times the monetary preoccupation was null or in any case smaller than the one of a habitual traveller, and in this form they anticipated the later tendency of the mochileros, being not worried from the lodging when using carp or tents or going to a Friends house  or to a social center.

The personality of the hippies was something peculiar because all the men had the hair and the bread long, because that reason they were classified like nonelegants.

Both genders used to had the long hair and some hippies used it like afro style, imitating the afrocamericans.Another starange thing was that the women didnt used bra and they didnt cut their leg hair.

Something typical of its form to dress was their clothes with brillant colors, t-shirts with flowers or extreme colorfull, long skirts  and jeans with dull bell. They also used indian symbols like flowers.

The hippies were in disagree with the reject of the marriage and the development of the free sexual conduct by the rules that came from the churches. They think that those rules were against the individual liberty.

Flower Power was a famous slogan used by the hippies ending the 60´s. It was used like a symbol of the ideology of the non-violence. This term was created by Allen Ginsberg in 1965. After that it was used for many things like movies, tv programs and documentals.

The Flower Power also included teenagers actions, like giving flower to the pólice and putting flowers inside the guns like signal of the peace.

This movement not only was political, this movement also included the musical aspects some of the famous bands started making music against the government.

Artisticly it was a movement very important in all the world. The style was psychedelic and the multiplicity of colors inspired by it hallucinogenic drugs of the time (LSD), marihuana and hashish. The conflict of the Second World War develop a way of thinking in the hippes that killing persons was unnecessary, especialy if they didnt need to protect their country.

After this problems little by little the people started to pronounce itself and all the young people started to take consciousness that people like them died every day away from their home and away from all the people that they love because they need to fight against other country.

After the second world war in 1945 all the economic policies were generalized bringin a big benefit. The middle-class and popular increase their conditions of life becasue the “well-being state”. This movement caused that some of the private services were free for the people that didnt have money. The decade of ´60, in the United States and the central countries, would still bring even more improvements in the economic thing. The industrial production was increased during this period, mainly the nutritional industry, along with the coal production, the basic metallurgy, the agricultural products and the gasolina.


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