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Questions 1-5

Read the following paragraph:

Pshycology recognizes two types of research, experimental and differential. The former is concerned mainly with the overall processes governing human activities, and the latter sets out to establish individual differences in performance. More recent studies have demonstrated the need for a third type of psychological study, namely, that which has to do with human development. Rather than considering this aspect of human performance as a part of th and standarization in his data and experiment design.

1. According to the passage, what is the central goal of experimental research?

a) To arrive at a general classification of individuals.

b) To analyze individual differences in human activity.

c) To establish the psychological processes governing humans.

d) To administer experiments on humans and processes.

2. In line 4, the word "namely" is closest in meaning to:

a) specially

b) specifically

c) hence

d) nearly

3. According to the passsage, developmental psychology belongs in:

a) the domain of Piaget's work

b) a category of dispute studies

c) its own unique area of study

d) other domains of research

4. The phrase "keep in mind" is closest in meaning to:

a) remember

b) restate

c) remark

d) resolve

5. According to the author's implications, which branch of psychology appears to be particularly controversial?

a) Experimental

b) Theoretical

c) Differential

d) Developmental

6. The word "advertise" means:

a) internal exhchange

b) affair

c) satisfy demand

d) announ

7. Mexico ______________ flowers to the United States.

a) advertise

b) exports

c) ship

d) pack

8. "All in all" means:

a) considering everybody

b) considering everytime

c) considering everywhere

d) considering everything

9. An _______________ is a list of goods, with prices.

a) invoice

b) letter of credit

c) sight draft

d) time draft

10. An interrogative mark should be used at the end of the following sentence:

a) I am very happy.

b) I don't know what time it is.

c) Can you bring a pencil

d) I wonder where you are.

11. I would like to give you some __________________.

a) assistance

b) attend

c) assistence

d) attendance

12. I am going to ____________ an architect to get my house built.

a) hire

b) contracted

c) hiring

d) contracting

13. Please, ____________________ the baby.

a) catch a cold

b) cares

c) keep an eye on

d) have on

14. If you study, you will have many __________________.

a) struggles

b) advantages

c) development

d) searches

15. My father has a new _____________.

a) invent

b) invention

c) inventing

d) invents

16. I would not like to _____________with you.

a) discuss

b) discussion

c) discusses

d) argues

17. The noun for "prevent" is:

a) preventence

b) preventance

c) preventing

d) prevention

18. The meeting was _________________.

a) postponing

b) called


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