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Las Partes De La Carta

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The letter

It is a document of written communication, it is generally used when it is necessary to leave perseverance of the information that contains.

The letter can have different writing forms, depending from the topic to try, as well as variety of styles.

-Parts of the letter:

1. Letterhead

2. It dates

3. Addressee

4. Greeting

5. Body of the letter

6. Farewell

7. It signs and post signature

8. Annexes

9. Initials

1. Letterhead: It is sometimes a group of data that you/they represent to the commercial house and this form, some make their attractive letterheads, with symbols or other illustrations. This integrated by the name or social reason of the company or proprietor, address or Post Office box, I number of telephone etc.

2. It dates: In this part of it places the date in that the letter is elaborated.

3. Addressee: They form it the name from the person to who the letter is dedicated, preceded of its treatment or I title, then the name of the country, city or department with its address.

4. Greeting: The greeting is a courtesy sentence that demonstrates respect, kindness and the person's culture that it signs.

5. Body of the letter: It is however the one that contains the fundamental message, the use of very common and almost routine sentences it should be avoided that make unpleasant the correspondence.

6. Farewell: It is the closing message and it is advisable to use an in agreement treatment to the relationship that one has with the addressee.

7. It signs and post signature: The signature should be hand written and illegible, then in the post signature should be written the person's complete name and a space below the position that occupies.

8. Annexes: It is used when he/she sends himself some document that accompanies to the letter.

9. Initials: It is written after the post signature, or of the annexes if


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