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Trabajo De Ingles Codigo Civil Venezolano

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Validity of the Marriage

According to the Civil Code of Venezuela CCV in his article 44 typifies: The marriage cannot contract but between an alone man and an alone woman. The Law does not recognize another marriage contracted in Venezuela but the one that is regulated by the present Title, being the only one that will produce legal effects, so much I concern of the persons as respect of the goods.

In order that the marriage in Venezuela possesses validity it is necessary that it expires with the corresponding requirements established in the section the IIIrd of the title the IVth, and the following ones are established:

Article 46 there can not contract válidamente marriage the woman who has not expired fourteen (14) years of age and the male who has not expired sixteen (16) years.

Article 47 cannot contract válidamente marriage the one that suffers from manifest and permanent impotence.

Article 48 can contract válidamente marriage the interdiction neither because of dementia nor the one that is not situated in his judgment. If the interdiction has been promoted only, the celebration of the marriage will be suspended until the judicial authority has decided definitively.

Article 49 In order that the assent is a valid debit to be free. In case of kidnapping the assent will not be valid if the person does not lend or ratifies after returned to his full freedom. There is considered that there is no assent when mistake exists respect of the identity of the person.

Article 50 neither is allowed there nor is valid neither the marriage contracted by a person tied by previous other one, or that of the secretary of any worship whom the marriage is prohibited by his respective religion.

Article 51 neither is allowed the marriage nor is valid between ascendancies and descendants not between perfect on line straight line.

Article 52 is not allowed Either the marriage nor is valid between brothers.

Article 53 allows itself the marriage neither between uncles and nephews, nor between uncles and the descendants of the nephews. The marriage is not also allowed between brothers-in-law when the one that produced the affinity it stayed disuelto for divorce.

Article 54 is allowed not valid the marriage of the adopter by the adopted child and his descendants, neither between the adopter and the spouse of the adopted child, nor between the adopted child and the spouse of the adopter, while the adoption lasts.

Article 55 neither is allowed the marriage nor is valid between the reprobate as convict or accomplice of executed homicide, frustrated or tried against one of the spouses, and another spouse. While the criminal judgment will be hanging, neither the marriage will be able to be celebrated.

Article 56 the accused will not be able to marry for


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