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MATEO=Good afternoon televiewers from Colombia and whole the world, in ABC, the only channel that has the information for you.

We are going to present the holders

* Today July twenty five of two thousand twelve we are going to talk about the dangers in the social nets, the good things and bad things.

* The disturbances in the National University and how affects to the students and the teachers

* In the entertainment section, we'll interview a renowned film editor.

RUBEN: Well the Facebook is a tool very useful for our live, but there are people that used that for the bad things; frequently has occurred crimes for the young people, like extortions, violations and loots. For example this girl that didn’t have carefulness with the social net Facebook, she accepted an invitation from a strange and he was a criminal, by this simple fact she was murdered and her body hasn’t been found.

MATEO: incidents occurred yesterday in the National University when the ELN took the square of the university… the police can’t enter university because students will protect the deal they don’t want the police force on university campus.

RUBEN = Today, we will interview a recognized film editor, his name is JIM Harris.

MATEO= Well RUBEN, this character is very famous in this media and many proposals have emerged, competing against Hayao Miyazaki, Brad Bird, Andrew Adamson and others.

We go with our correspondent in New York, where JIM Harris is resting so much work.

JESSICA: Thank you, MATEO. Thanks for joining us, JIM. So what exactly do you do?

JIM: I’m a film editor. I´m the person who puts the animated movie together.

JESSICA: How is an animated film different from a regular movie?

JIM: Well, actually, they´re very similar.

JESSICA: Take us through the process.

JIM: Well, first, just like in a regular film, a script is written. You have to start with a good script.

JESSICA: Of course, and it has to be funny.

JIM: Exactly. Then a director is hired

JESSICA: Now, what does the director of animated films do? Direct the drawings?

JIM: Ha! No, the director, who is probably the most important person, manages the process. He helps develop the characters and works with the actors.

JESSICA: So what happens next?

JIM: Well, drawings are made to illustrate the history, to show what happens. This is called a storyboard. It´s sort of like a rehearsal. When that´s done, the animation can begin. I´ll tell you how we do it the old fashioned way. It´s more interesting.

JESSICA: Oh yeah? Why?

JIM: It´s all computerized now. So first, in the old way, actors record the characters ‘voice in a recording studio. The whole script is recorded.

JESSICA: Then what?

JIM: Then, the backgrounds are created. It´s like building the sets for a play.

JESSICA: Sounds fun. What´s next?

JIM: Well, the animation begins. First, pictures of the characters are drawn. The animator draws the pictures on a clear plastic called celluloid. That´s why they´re called cells. Each picture is drawn on a separate cell.

JESSICA: Huh, then what?

JIM: Ok, here´s where it gets fun. They put each cell on top of a background picture and take a photograph. They do this many times. When all the photographs are put together, it looks like the characters are moving.

JESSICA: That´s so exciting! So that´s that?

JIM: Not quite. The director and i have to put the scenes together so that they match the sound. The voices have to match the characters ‘movements. Once the sound has been added to the film, that´s that!

JESSICA: Fascinating. Thanks for talking to us JIM.

          May you continue in study with more information.

MATEO: that’s all for today. Happy afternoon.


MATEO = Buenas tardes televidentes de Colombia y el mundo entero, en ABC, el único canal que tiene la información para usted.


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