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A cleaver is a large knife.

It may also refer to:


1 People

2 Fictional characters

3 Places

4 Other uses


Cleaver Bunton (1902–1999), Australian politician

Billy Cleaver (1921–2003), Welsh rugby union player

Eldridge Cleaver (1935–1998), American writer and political activist

Emanuel Cleaver (born 1944), U.S. Representative for Missouri and United Methodist pastor

Euseby Cleaver (1746–1819), Anglican Archbishop of Dublin

Gerald Cleaver (musician) (born 1963), African-American jazz drummer

Gerald B. Cleaver, physics associate professor at Baylor University

Gordon Cleaver (died 1994), British Second World War fighter ace and skier

Harry Cleaver (born 1944), economics associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin

Hughes Cleaver (1892–1980), Canadian politician

Kathleen Neal Cleaver (born 1945), American professor of law

Naomi Cleaver (born 1967), British design consultant and interior designer

Richard Cleaver (1917-2006), Australian politician

Solomon Cleaver (1855–1939), Canadian minister and storyteller

Sue Cleaver (born 1965), English actress

Val Cleaver (1917-1977), British rocket engineer

William Cleaver (1742–1815), English bishop and academic

Fictional characters

The Cleavers, a family from the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver:

June Cleaver, a principal character

Theodore Cleaver, the fictional title character

Wally Cleaver

Ward Cleaver



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